Thursday, July 23, 2015

Banana French Toast

Here I am after a short break from blogging due to relocation. In the coming days, you should see some recipes with minimum ingredients being used as I am yet to unpack my kitchen items. Here goes our breakfast recipe for French toast with banana.

  1. Banana, chopped -1.5 cups
  2. Egg - 2 big
  3. Bread slices, white or brown - 4
  4. Cinnamon , powder - a pinch
  5. Sugar - 2 tbs ( Optional)
  6. Milk - 2/3 cups
  7. Butter/ oil - 4 tsp

  1. Mix eggs, sugar, cinnamon and milk well in flat bottomed bowl with enough diameter to fit a bread slice
  2. Add chopped banana and give a stir 
  3. Heat a pan and add a tsp of oil
  4. Dip a bread slice in the mix so that there is a coating of egg mixture on both sides of bread slice
  5. Place the bread slice on hot pan and spoon on it banana pieces from the egg mixture.(the bananas will not stick to bread slice when you just dip the bread in the mixture, that is why it is good to spoon some of the banana pieces on bread slice when one side of the bread slice is being roasted)
  6. Once the it is almost cooked (you don't see liguidy egg mixture once cooked), and you can flip the bread slice (now the top side of the bread should be slightly browned) and brown the banana side of the bread too.
  7. Once roasted on both sides, move it to a serving plate.
  8. Repeat from step 4 to 7 for the rest of 3 slices of bread by adding 1 tsp of oil into hot pan.

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